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Five Reasons Why Man-Made Quartz Is A Great Choice For Your Worktop Surface

Worktop surfaces are quite unique in their demands. While they are required to be strong enough to support even the most challenging of tasks, they also need to be easy to clean and resistant to wear. Finally, their aesthetic beauty needs to be taken into consideration; particularly if these surfaces are intended to be used in kitchens, bathrooms and other areas that are highly trafficked. These are some of the reasons why man-made quartz surfaces are often the best option for your home or workspace. Still, let us take a quick look at some other advantages that you can expect to enjoy.

Easy to Maintain

Cleaning man-made quartz is extremely easy. Using only a damp cloth and normal household detergents, this material can maintain its shine and lustre for decades. As opposed to naturally occurring quartz, this synthetic type is less porous. Not only does this quality allow it to be cleaned within seconds, but the worktop is much less likely to become stained or discoloured over time.

A Tough Surface

All types of quartz are quite durable, and the same can be said for the man-made alternative. It is highly resistant to scratches and will stand up to a great amount of heat. Unlike other surfaces such as granite, the stone itself is harder. Therefore, the surface is considerably less likely to chip or break. A good deal of this strength comes from the fact that man-made quartz combines a certain amount of resin with the stone itself. This mixture provides your worktop with an unparallelled level of durability that can be depended upon during even the most physical of tasks.


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Beautify your House with Framed Pictures

If you love living in a beautiful surrounding and are wondering whether there is a cost effective way of making your house attractive, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Picture framing gives you a perfect opportunity to not only keep good memories around your house but also beautify your home without breaking the bank. Most families keep a collection of family pictures as well as fine copies of art. All these can be enlarged to any desired size and when they are done by a professional framer, they can do a good job of complementing any other form of interior decoration you could have done. A simple search on the internet will open a floodgate to all manner of frames including fancy handmade ones.

Don’t buy the idea that picture frames should cost you a fortune to be come glamorous; nothing could be further from the truth. You will be surprised to discover picture frames that are affordable yet they are fancier than those that are highly priced. The primary purpose for buying a picture frame is to make sure that you display and preserve photos, letters, certificates or different special messages; you will find the market chock full of high quality frames at very affordable prices. This is especially so if you are planning to buy in bulk. No matter what your budget is, you can be sure to enjoy picture framing to meet your taste and help beautify your house.


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How to Find the Best Tenants for Your Rental Property

'FOR SALE' - a classified ad in a ne...

Some landlords manage to find tenants quickly, without using an agent, while others face a huge struggle. Empty rentals cost you money, the longer the property is empty the more money you need to pay out, which is why it’s important to do everything possible to find someone new to come in and take care of your property (and pay the rent). If you’re finding it hard to replace your old tenants or are a first time landlord here are some great tips that can help.

Consider Using a Letting Agent

You can save time by finding a suitable letting agency to do the hard work for you. This is a good option to choose if you are working full time or are finding it difficult to find the time to dedicate to the search for a new tenant. A letting agent will be able to help you find a decent tenant, draw up the tenancy agreement and check the pricing for your property.

Finding Your Own Tenants

If you want to find your own tenants you will have a much harder task ahead of you, but it’s certainly possible to go it alone.  You’ll have many jobs to take care of, such as advertising your property. In order to find tenants you need to make sure people learn about your property. You can advertise on and offline but consider putting more effort into online advertising as many people now search for their new accommodation using the Internet. Advertise in classified ads as well as on free advertising websites, property websites and on your social networks. You could also create a dedicated website for your property that provides all the information along with multiple photos and your contact information.


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Slip Testing – Why It’s Important

English: Pendulum floor friction tester

A slip or fall at a workplace area can spell legal trouble for business owners. Companies who neglect the importance of proper floor slip testing are looking at possible future problems if injuries happen within their premises.

Why is it Necessary?

Apart from being a requirement in most countries, a slip test is important because it promotes safety. In many countries, a slip resistance assessment is required for every building whether public or private. These are necessary to prevent accidents from happening while also serving as protection for the employer or property owner against claims or lawsuits.

Types of Floor Slip Tests

Dry Slip Resistance

This type of test is often done on smooth or polished floors like granite or terrazzo. Normally, this is done in areas that will normally not get wet. Shopping centre floors, internal foyers and such are often recipients of this kind of test. A special floor friction tester, otherwise termed as FFT is used to test these kinds of setup. Similar to the size of an old VCR, professional testers use this machine to measure the “friction between the surface and a standard rubber slider.”


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3 Tips For Choosing The Right Dinnerware Set

The dinnerware set, like the delicious food served on the table, is an essential part of a meal. The dishes, utensils and glassware used can absolutely change the whole dining experience—whether you are hosting a fancy dinner with friends or planning a causal party for your family.

If you’re aiming for a fun and exciting party, then using vibrant and colourful dinnerware is important to set the right mood. However, if you want to make an affair more formal, elegant and classy, especially during special events, like weddings or anniversaries, then selecting the finest pieces of dinnerware is necessary.

The dinner plates you use to serve a meal can also make a statement about yourself. The colours and designs of the cutlery and utensils you place on your table can speak a lot about your style and personality. They can tell a story about you, of the places you’ve visited and the places you want to go. They can also express how you are as a person—for instance, matching the dinner plates with the silverware and the glassware means that you value orderliness.

Choosing the Right Dinnerware Set


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Trends for Home Security in 2014

home securityHome security technology is constantly evolving, which is why now is a great time to make home security a top priority for 2014. If you’ve been thinking about installing a home security system, then you’ll want to check out these growing trends for home security in 2014…

Home security trend #1: Fully integrating home security with home automation

Home security systems are fully capable of being automated and managed remotely. You can program your home security system to arm and disarm at certain times, or you can have certain events trigger certain activities. For example, your home security system can automatically turn on the lights when someone walks in the door, and then it can send you a real-time alert to let you know that event has occurred.

Today’s home security systems can also be managed remotely.  This means that you can arm and disarm the system, turn on the lights, deactivate the motion detectors, turn on the video surveillance, monitor the video feed or do most anything else from a smart phone, laptop or computer. So, whether you are down the street or halfway around the world, you can always check in on your home security system and manage it as needed.


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The “S”-Factors Of Glass Railing Systems

Hand and deck railings have long been essential structural components both in houses and commercial buildings. Along with the aesthetic boost they provide, they have always served as safety nets and helping hands to literally keep us from falling off. Once, we’re used to holding on to simple concrete or wooden railings and balusters. Now with the various kinds of hand-railing systems available in the market, we have been open to a lot of “hand-railing” possibilities.

Glass railing systems have been currently popular for its notable strength and style. In more modern buildings and residential structures, hand and deck rails are mostly made out of glass. The advancement of architecture brought along the trending reputation of glass as “the material” for sleek and state-of-the-art designs.


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Why You Need To Leave Roof Flashings To The Experts

The roof of a library in Sweden.

Think you’re something of a handyman? If you’ve fixed a leaky pipe or two around your house, changed a flat tire or built your own doghouse, then you probably are quite handy with fixing things and completing minor home improvement projects. Does this mean that you can install or replace your roof flashings? You might think so, but there may be some debate there.

While we’re not ones to judge your building and repair abilities, we do know that installing or repairing roof flashings entails more than simply covering up cracks and corners. It is a job that is really better left to the professionals, and here are the reasons why:

Choice of Materials

Roof flashings come in a wide range of materials. They can be made of steel, lead, aluminium, copper and many other metals, and each have their pros and cons. Some are better suited for certain applications than others, and some, such as lead, last longer. Some can easily react chemically to external elements while others are highly resistant; some are also more prone to deforming than others.


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How Your Garden Can Affect Your House Price

denisp12 via Compfight cc

There’s no shortage of articles telling you how to improve the value of your house. Paint the walls light colours, put up nice curtains, declutter your rooms. However, the inside of your house isn’t all that matters. One thing that all estate agents know is that they will never have to work hard to sell a decent house with a large south facing garden, whether it’s out in the country, or in a more urban area, people love a nice garden.

That said, you need to think carefully about how you go about improving your garden. There is no point in spending huge amounts of many landscaping your garden with swish features. Indeed, putting in water features and swimming pools can just hit your potential buyers with fears about just how much maintenance and upkeep your garden will need. But with a few carefully chosen changes, a nice garden can improve you house’s value by up to 20%.


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What Type Of Gardener Are You?

williamcho via Compfight cc

People use their gardens for a wide variety of purposes. For some people garden simply for the joy of it, while for others it is a means to an end. Whatever sort of gardener you are, the chances are your garden fits into one of these five types.

The Wilderness

Maybe it’s because you consider yourself at one with all of nature’s creations. Maybe it’s because, deep down, you just don’t like hard work. Either way, your garden looks like one of the more unkempt sections of Jurassic Park.

Of course, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Letting your garden run wild is fine so long as it doesn’t start straying into your neighbours’ gardens. Indeed, gardens like this can prove to be a treasure trove of wild flowers and berries, as well as a fantastic playground for squirrels, birds foxes and other wildlife.


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How To Properly Maintain Slate Roofing

A slate roof might seem old school but it is one of the sturdiest types of roofing available out there. Chosen for its versatility and durability, slate can be broken into two in order to create a heavy duty flat sheet that can easily withstand various types of weather. Generally, a slate sheet has a water absorption index of 0.4%, giving it enough resistance from moisture damage. This resistance makes it ideal to withstand cold weather and abrupt temperature changes.

When to Check Slate Roof for Damage

Those who have slate roofing installed understand that if well-maintained, it can last for 20 to 50 years. However, it does require check-ups and maintenance whenever possible. Normally, once a year is enough. Depending on the type of season in the area, it is often best to check during fall so any problems like broken slate can be repaired before the cold comes.

Avoiding the cold season and identifying minor problems then fixing it is advisable. Waiting until the issue becomes full-blown will only lead to more expenses and even possible structural damage to the roof as opposed to just the slate themselves.


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‘Must Have’ Furniture Pieces To Create The Perfect Dining Room

An empty dining room is not a very welcoming one. Because a dining room is where the family gathers for a meal and guests are entertained, it should be designed as a room that is not only beautiful and inviting but functional as well. If you have nothing except a dining suite in the room, you may want to consider adding more furniture to complete the look.

Aside from the timber dining table and chairs, there are some must-have furniture pieces you should consider to create the perfect dining room:


Instead of the usual dining chair, you can use a long bench as seating for your dining table. Benches are useful for large families or families who frequently have relatives or friends over. Benches can accommodate more people and, unlike dining chairs, can be tucked away under the table when not in use.


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Why should you choose a wet room?

A wet room is simply a watertight room that can be used for showering. Wet rooms can be designed a number of ways. Some wet rooms have screens and shower trays however it is possible to design them without any sort of enclosure.

Wetrooms without a tree or enclosure can be designed to fit into tiny or unusually shaped spaces. This is because they don’t need to fit into a particular structure, so they can be created to fit into even the most awkward angles.

Wet rooms also don’t require any minimum or maximum size. This means they are ideal for areas that are otherwise unusable. Wet rooms can be installed under stairs or fit into a conversion loft.

Why should you choose a wet room?

Wet rooms are easy to keep clean and well-maintained, they are also convenient to use. Due to their design the other perfect for those with mobility problems, and they are also very simple for children to use. Installing a wet room can be a unique way to add value to your home, but it’s not recommended to do so at the expense of removing the regular bath.

They can be as small or spacious as you’d like. A large bathroom can easily be converted into a wet room, complete with the shower, washbasin, and conventional toilet. Most experts advise that you not convert a very small bathroom into a wet ris because towels and toiletries will only end up getting soaked.
One of the main benefits of a wet room is it can transform a formerly impractical part of your home into a second bathroom. So instead of attempting to cram a full bathroom into a tiny space. You just focus on designing an elegant showering space.


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Wet Room Designs To Fit Awkward Angles

A wet room is a room that is designed to be watertight and used for showering.

Designs for wet rooms can vary greatly; some wet rooms even have screens and shower trays installed.

There are also wet rooms that are designed free of any enclosures. Instead these are constructed to be entirely open and watertight.

The biggest advantage of the wet room is that it can be constructed in very small or oddly shaped spaces.
Because wet rooms don’t require a defined structure they can be placed in even the most awkward of angles.


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4 Ways To Seal Your Home And Keep Cold

English: Series of air conditioners at UNC-CH.

When the winter months arrive, every home owner wants to be comfortable. The cold winter air can be very uncomfortable so it is important to have a warm and toasty home. However, every home is different and without proper heating systems installed, a home can easily become chilly. A proper heating system will keep the home at the set temperature and keep you from having to wear extra clothes inside the home!

However, many homes may have a brand new heating system installed but still feel drafts or cold spots in the home. When cold spots are found in the home they are annoying and also costly. A cold spot can cause your heating system to have to work overtime to heat the home and can even cause the unit to continuously run. This means that your unit will be working too hard and can easily be stressed, costing you extra money.


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The 3 Most Dangerous Holiday Decorations

Christmas lights on Aleksanterinkatu.

When celebrating the most wonderful time of the year, the last thing you want to worry about is the incessant danger your holiday decorations are posing to your family and pets. No one wants to be a scrooge during the Christmas season, but it is important to accept the fact that some holiday decor might not be worth the jolly cheer it gives you in the long run. Here is a list of the top 3 most dangerous holiday decorations.

1. Christmas Tree and Lights

Of course the most dangerous holiday decoration has to be the best one–the Christmas tree. There are many factors that make a Christmas tree dangerous, namely, the risk of fire, poisoning, and choking hazards. The first and most serious danger the Christmas tree poses is the risk of fire. This usually occurs when trees become dry and dehydrated and heat from lights or candles or even unrelated electrical fires cause the branches to combust. For instance, a Forbes article describes that Christmas trees account for hundreds of fires every year, including around 15 deaths per year. Lastly, these types of fires are associated with more than 10 million in property damage annually.


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Designing A Minimalist Home Law Office: The Basics


If you’re just starting up a new business, there probably won’t be any budget for renting or buying an office, and even if there is, you just might prefer working from home. For other people their home office provides them a place of quietude, away from the busyness of the office, where they can work on those projects that require their full, undisturbed attention.

Let’s have a look at what it takes to create a minimalist, clutter-free home office that inspires creativity and boosts productivity.

Go Paperless

Try to cut paper out of your work life if at all possible. If you go paperless, you won’t need any big filing cabinets in your home office and can avoid all the clutter that goes along with having to store paper documents. Keeping all of your important documents stored on your computer (and backed up to the cloud), makes it easier to stay organized and retrieve documents when you need them. You can spend the money that you save on furniture on a good online backup service.

Find What Works for You

While clean, organized desks are preferred by most, some people just can’t work without a bit of clutter around their desk. If this sounds like you and you work better like this, then by all means keep it that way. Don’t go overboard with the minimalism and keep a bit of messiness in your home office.


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The Way To Negotiate With New Home Builders


Many of those who are checking the homes for sale in their area or in areas they would like to live in are most of the times unhappy with the properties available and that is due to the fact that they’re either too old or they don’t have the modern amenities they want. If you’re looking for a property for sale that looks and is situated exactly where you want, then you should not worry too much about this, since you can just get in touch with a local builder and schedule a meeting to talk about your project. Below, in this article we will focus on how to negotiate with a new home builder so that they can build your home for a price you can afford.


The first step you need to take is to get in touch with the builder of your choice and then get an estimate that breaks down the cost of each element of your project, including permits, licensing, labor, materials and other expenses.

Out of pocket purchases

If you want to reduce the costs for materials, then you should inform the builder that you’re willing to buy the materials from your own money. If you do this, then you’ll have control over how material expenses are applied. On top of that, another benefit of doing so is that you’ll avoid overly generous material purchasing and eliminate mark up costs.

Before you agree to buy materials from your own money, be sure you check and see if the builder has significant discounts with the suppliers or not. Price your selections by visiting the suppliers’ showrooms.


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Tips On Reducing Allergens In Your Home

Individuals who suffer

Individuals who suffer from allergies may not find sanctuary in their home as there are dangers that are found in many places. There may be animal dander, mold, and even dust mites that will cause sneezing or coughing. People can also suffer from swelling and itching. The best way to prevent health problems in the home is to reduce the amount of allergens. Here are a few tips that can help achieve this goal.

Keep the House Dry

One of the main contributors to allergens in a home is moisture. High moisture levels will often lead to mold or the presence of mildew. The best way to lower the moisture in the home is with a dehumidifier. If an apartment or home has an air conditioner, then it may have an option that will blow dry air in the home to help reduce moisture. Another way to help keep a home dry is to make sure the air filer that is in the furnace is clean. A dirty air filter will not be effective at removing various allergens in the air.


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Dirty Little Secrets Of Home Maintenance

Started Experiment on ambient water heating

My handyman skills have always landed in the dismal rather than desirable category. At the slightest sign of home maintenance malfunctions, I would pick up the phone to call a handyman rather than attempt to solve the problem myself. My New Year’s goal for 2013 was to learn to be more self-sufficient, though, so I thought some do-it-yourself home maintenance projects would be a great place to start. Throughout the past year, I’ve not only learned to be more independent, but also saved a boatload of money. (Let’s face it: it’s far less expensive to fix a clogged toilet yourself rather than hiring someone else to do it.)

When embarking on my self-sufficient, do-it-yourself crusade, I was initially concerned that tasks would end up being too complex for me. However, I’ve since discovered that many commonplace problems aren’t quite as difficult as I originally imagined. In fact, many times all it takes to fix a commonplace problem is a bit of research and creativity.

Here are three cost effective, easy do-it-yourself projects that I undertook.


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