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7 Tips for Your Tenants’ Financial Policy

The Heavenly Tenants

One of the common problems most landlords face is collecting rent on time. If you are a landlord and you would want to learn few strategies you can employ so that your tenants can make their payment on time, you have come to the right place. Read along for top 7 tips that you can employ to ensure your tenants make timely payments. They are excellent ideas that are geared towards inducing positive behaviors within your tenants.

Offer Discounts for on-time Payment

Structure your lease agreement in a way that the rent payable is slightly higher say with $10 to $20. Then use this margin to give as incentives for those who make their payments on or before 1st of every month. In these economic hard times, everyone would love to make even a single dollar savings in their transactions. This means that even if all your tenants pays on time, you will still have your full rent and on a timely basis.


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Why you should consider hiring a specialized company to build swimming pools?

A boy in a children's swimming pool.

Houses require a number of fixtures all year round and there are many people who manage these on their own, for example fixing a pipe instead of calling a plumber or hammering a nail in the wall. However,even these trivial fixtures when done by professionals are done in a much better and longer lasting way. Similarly people who want swimming pools on their property or anywhere else do not realize that a project like this requires professional expertise. People seek help from ordinary builders who might not be experts at building swimming pools and this is a decision they will regret in the near future. Constructing a swimming pool involves intricate details that if not taken care of will render the pool useless. So in order to enjoy a functional swimming pool for many years to come, contact a specialized company for a job well done. Following are pointers that explain in detail the reasons to do so:
It is understandable that a person might want to save money and try and come up with alternate solutions to getting a swimming pool built instead of getting professional help. However, it is not the smartest way of getting things done.


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Lighting In Modern Architecture

Every room in apartment or in a house can get a new dimension with light effects.

Lighting has more meaning in modern architecture – next to lighting up the space, another role is decorating the space with natural light effects and lighting body designs with the possibility of practical maintenance and handling. Although different light effects are more often used in public and business objects, the place where you will most feel them and enjoy them is the your home.

Ways of lighting can be varied, and surely lighting organization is very different in business spaces than in those that serve the purpose of relaxing and resting. The best choice is lighting organization that can function in a flexible and multifunctional way, and that means connecting different kinds of lighting bodies that you can use to achieve the right atmosphere and effect.


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5 Ideas to Enjoy Luxury Home

easter home decorated style

Owning a luxury home is a dream of every person but there is misconception that luxury home is a costly investment and common man cannot afford to enjoy the lavishness of home. Well the new era made it possible for you to enjoy a lavish home keeping in your budget. There are number of ways to design your home in a luxurious way at affordable price. I am bringing some of the most practical luxury home decor ideas for you to fulfil your dream.

Eastern style decor

Eastern style decor is one of the most lavish interior decorations that add a charming touch to homes letting you enjoy the lavish feel. Eastern decor ideas can easily be applied to your home without costing you much. Glittering gold, silver and royal purple, blues are the shades commonly used in moghal styled homes bringing a majestic touch. You can add the same colors to your home by placing glittering gold decoration pieces and wall hangings in your living room. Add embroidered or plain silk pillows on your classic wooden sofas with silk curtains on walls. To add the same majestic touch to your dining room, cover your dining table with embroidered or hand beaded sheet on it. To apply eastern decor ideas in your home, you need to have traditional styled furniture like wooden bed, wooden sofa, divans etc.

Bold color scheme

If you are not fond of eastern styles decor or it makes you feel uncomfortable with it’s over decorative and glittery stuff, you can simply apply bold color scheme to get your desired touch. Bold and bright colors are very much in these days and make your home look extremely trendy and stylish. Especially if you have leather furniture at your home, the eastern or traditional styled decor may not go well with them. Bold color scheme works very well with leather furniture and gives a contemporary touch of luxury. For example, if you have black leather sofa in your living room or Italian bed in your bedroom, you can paint the front wall of your room in bright red, muted yellow, or lime green color with light shaded side walls. To make it look trendier, place cushions on the sofa in mixed colors.


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5 Professionals You Need To Help You Sell Your House Fast


Selling a house is like planning for a wedding. There are many things the family would need to prepare for. There are also many people who need to be hired to make it a success: a caterer to provide sumptuous meals for the guests, an interior decorator to transform the house to the perfect place for the occasion and a stylist to give the bride the best wedding dress. The success or failure of the event will depend on these people. Each of them have a role to play and they contribute to the overall outcome of the wedding.

When it comes to selling a house, there are also key individuals who need to be hired to make sure the house sells fast. These are people whose expertise is needed to help make the sale also a profitable and secure one.

These are the professionals you need to hire to help sell your house:

1. Real Estate Agent

They sell houses for a living so they certainly have the knowledge and the experience on how to successfully do this job. Plus, having a wide network, they can connect clients to the right person who can give the best deal. Aside from these, a real estate agent will also help clients every step of the way from marketing the property to finalising the sale with a solicitor.


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Flood Restoration

Brisbane Flood - Signposting the flood level

If your home or office needs immediate flood restoration services, the best option is to call in experts. Many plumbing companies offer flood restoration services that include a series of other jobs. These include stagnant water extraction, repairs to structure and plumbing, drying the building and contents inside out, sanitizing the place apart from pest control. Such kind of professional clean up is very essential in order to safeguard your property from future damage.

While there are several companies that offer such services, choose one with care. The company must have a good customer track record and the only way to check this is to call up past customers. The advantages of choosing such a company are many; they have experience and equipment to specially cater to such situations. The company needs to have a license to work on such jobs and also possess an insurance cover. A company that is listed or recommended by your home insurance company can further save a lot of other jobs. Flood restoration companies then take care of documentation and claim processes. Once the preliminary checks are made, a written contract needs to be drawn stating estimated expenditure and time frame for the job as well as guarantees.


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Water Heater Repair

English: Two Rannai brand, tankless water heat...

Water heaters often develop problems with wear and tear. These home appliances continue to do their job without a fuss most of the times, but sometimes a blown fuse or a worn out thermocouple can disrupt household activities. Inadequate hot water could be distressing. Water heaters are of two kinds, gas heaters and electric heaters. Both of them come with astorage tank and the instant heaters are most often used in places where the quantity of hot water required is very less.  Every home is fitted with a water heater of suitable capacity based on the quantity of water required. This depends on the family size and usage.

Gas heaters use natural gas as a fuel and a burner flame is used to heat up water in the tank. The flame is controlled by a thermocouple. When this is worn out, the pilot flame does not light up the burner and thus leads to inadequate hot water. The only solution is to replace the part with a newer one that is readily available in stores. In the case of electric heaters, there are two heating elements, one on top and the other at the bottom of the tank for uniform heating. When this is worn out, drain the tank of water and replace it suitably. Other problems that are common in both kinds of heaters is noise while heating, leaks in tanks and worn out pressure-temperature valve. Noise is due to sediment build up and the tank needs to be periodically cleaned with a non-corrosive solvent. The TP valve is another problem are in both kinds of heaters. This valve is responsible for maintaining the increase in pressure with temperature. When worn out, this can lead to leaks that can cause water damage.


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Identifying Leaks


Timely detection of leaks in plumbing is very important. It may take some time but saves a lot of money and effort. Leaks can occur in any part of your home plumbing, even in sewage lines. Checking toilets, irrigation pipes in and around your home, water heaters and walls and floors for moisture are all part of this test.

Toilet leaks: Common problem areas in toilets are faucets, toilet tank and showerheads. Faucets that begin to drip intermittently need to be changed immediately in order to prevent a major leak. Toilet tank is another problem area with the flab often being the reason. But this leak can be difficult to identify as water trickles into the bowl. The best way to detect it is to use the food-coloring test. Add a few drops of food coloring to the tank and shut off outlet valve. If colored water still appears in the bowl, then open it up to check the flap, resetting it or replacing it is the only solution.


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Industrial Steel Sheds: Top Uses And Advantages

Strong, secure and economical, steel sheds are no longer just popular with homeowners. Today, they’re also being widely used by businesses in the industrial and commercial sectors. Because of their ability to protect assets, increase a property’s value, as well as project a good business image, many business owners are investing in industrial steel sheds for a wide range of purposes.

Here, we’ll explore some of the best uses for industrial steel buildings, and the various advantages they offer to owners:


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Window Films: Getting To Know The Different Types

Having clear glass windows at home gives you a spectacular view of the outdoors while basking in the comforts of your home. Wake up to the beautiful view and eye-calming green hues of your lush garden, or watch from inside as your kids cheerfully play on your lawn.

While you relish all these, there are also downsides in having clear and untinted windows at home. You’ll feel the heat of the sun directly penetrating the windows of your house. Aside from the discomfort this brings, unsafe UV rays may harm you and your family. Moreover, you don’t get to enjoy much privacy when people can easily look through your windows.

The solution to all these would be to install window films. You have different options to choose from. There are different window films available to cater to your different needs.

Insulating Films

These help regulate the temperature in your home. The otherwise harmful and unpleasant heat from the sun’s rays that penetrate through your glass windows will be blocked by insulating films during summertime. This means you will have a cooler home. During winter, insulating films also help retain heat inside keeping your home warm. Both these functions lessen electricity bills as your air conditioner and heater won’t have to run on full blast to provide a favourable temperature.

You can also save on the installation as insulation films are less expensive compared to double glazing alternatives. And you don’t have to worry about quality because they produce the same if not better results than double glazing. As long as you hire a trusted and highly reliable glass contractor, you’ll achieve great temperature insulation in your house.

Security Films

Normally invisible to the eye, security films can prevent windows from shattering. In the unlikely event that they do, security films will lessen the possibility of entry and hold the broken pieces together. This means there will be no broken shreds of glass flying all over the house in an unfortunate event the window will break.


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What Should You Do If You’ve Been Electrocuted?

Although many believe that electrocution only happens in larger industrial settings, the truth is that it’s actually a common household hazard. Electricity travels through conductors, which is any material that allows currents to flow through it. Human bodies make excellent conductors. Electricity always flows downwards because it is always trying to reach the ground.

When shocks do occur, it’s usually when we’re plugging something into a socket or when our fingers have come into contact with an open wire. Luckily, electrocution is often more startling than it is dangerous. We should still however take some basic precautions after being electrocuted, so that the current doesn’t affect other areas of our bodies.

If you’re ever in a situation where someone has been severely electrocuted, immediate steps should be taken. Electrocution is a very serious matter that could be deadly if not treated quickly.

1) Turn off source of electricity

Never rush to touch someone who’s just been electrocuted. A live current could still be flowing through his/her body, which means that it could jump to you. If the person is still touching the electrical source (i.e. wire, circuit breaker, etc) then immediately turn off the power source. Next, use a non-conductive material like wood or plastic to move the victim’s body’s away from the electrical source.

2) Determine if you should call 911

Severe electrocution can leave the victim unconscious or paralyzed. If this is the case, then you should immediately dial 911. Even if the victim is conscious, his/her speech may be impaired or injuries may look extensive. Call emergency services anyways just in case.

3) Look for electrical burns

When electrocution is serious, there will be two burns on the victim’s body: An entry-wound (smaller) and an exit-wound (larger). Locate these burns and cover them with sterile, non-stick bandages.

4) Monitor vital signs


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4 Steps To Proper Strata Maintenance

Volcanic rock strata on Tenerife

Living in a strata means having to live with different types of owners and having to deal with an owners’ corporation or a strata manager. Living in a strata also means having a different way of dealing with your property or your area’s maintenance. As there are common spaces co-owned by the different owners, you are not the sole party responsible in its safekeeping and cleanliness.

So how do you properly maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of your strata? Here are four steps to achieve this:

1. Know your responsibilities as the lot owner. Also be aware of the owners’ corporation’s responsibilities.

The lot owners have their lots as their responsibility and the common areas of the strata are the responsibilities of the owners’ corporation. Everything found inside the lot or unit is to be maintained and repaired by the lot or unit owner. This includes internal walls, paint on the walls, fixtures, carpets, and tiles and light fittings that hang into the lot. Everything outside the lot space needs to be cared for by the owners’ corporation. This includes external walls, doors, windows, ceiling, and balcony. It is important to check with your strata as to the boundaries set regarding these responsibilities so you’ll know who is accountable in caring for these.


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How To Maintain a Wart-Free Home

It is widely believed that people, especially children (the most common carriers of warts, owing to the fact that their young immune systems are not yet adept at fighting off the virus that causes warts), contract warts in public places, such as public showers, pools, etc. This is, however, untrue; the most likely place for a child to contract warts is in their own home.

A group of Dutch researchers recently published a study in the journal Pediatrics, after having analyzed a total of 1,100 children between the ages of 4 to 12, for a duration of 18 months. The lead author of the study, Dr. Sjoerd Bruggink, found that: “Current recommendations on wart prevention focus primarily on public places such as swimming pools but children often get warts from family members or classmates rather than from public spaces, [suggesting that] covering warts at home or at school could maybe be more helpful in preventing warts.”


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Normally termed as a DPU (Dependent Person’s Unit,) a granny flat has become a popular way to extend and create an entirely independent living space near or beside the home.

There are three main items that need to be considered in order for a space to be labelled as a granny flat.

The Basics

First, it has to be located within the same area as the home. Traditionally, these are home extensions built at the backyard portion of the house. It can either be attached or built independently. Second, since it is an independent unit; it has to feature basic areas like a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or kitchenette, as well as a laundry area. Third, these are often called granny flats since they serve as the perfect accommodation for aging parents. However, they can also be used by teens, live-in nannies or even serve as a guest room for family or relatives.


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Benefits Of Window Tinting Your Home

In this day and age it seems as if everyone is trying to save money and figure out ways to do so. One of the most efficient ways one can save money is by investing in a product that saves you in your energy bill. I’ve found that one of the best ways to do this is by investing in high quality window tint for your house. You might be surprised by how much you can save and how window tinting can actually help you to preserve your home.

So here are some of the benefits that come with window tinting your home and some things to consider.

Solar Control

If you live in a particularly warm state like Arizona, New Mexico or Texas then tinting your windows can eliminate 79% of total solar energy and up to 97% of heat producing infrared rays. When temperatures are high then it is a common trend that your electric bill will be high due to the fact that your air conditioner will be running constantly to try and cool your home. With proper window tinting installation you can save up to one ton of air conditioning for every 100 square feet. With window tinting you can keep the sun out and keep your electric bill down.

Also, you can remove any “hot spots” from your house. “Hot spots” are those areas in your house that catch UV rays and in turn heat up that spot. It can be a real discomfort.


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Peppermint Oil and Mice Control

Peppermint plant closeup photo, in my garden

As soon as someone discovers they have a mice problem they immediately turn to poisons or traps. Poison is dangerous especially if you have pets or children. In my opinion, most mouse traps are inhumane. They are very messy and unnecessary. However there is a fantastic repellant for getting rid of mice that no one ever talks about.

I’m not sure if there is a lack of good information or people are just skeptical about trying something new. Whatever the case may be peppermint oil is a proven and effective deterrent for getting rid of mice. It has a strong sent that is very pleasing to humans but highly offensive to rodents. Mice depend on there since of smell to communicate, find food, and survive. They cannot tolerate the scent of peppermint oil. So they will have no choice but to pack up and leave.


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Home Security 101: Preventing Home Break-ins Without Breaking The Bank

The thing about home break-ins is that a great number could have been prevented if only some homeowners put measures to burglar-proof their properties. You see, a lot of people these days have become too complacent, assuming that only posh, celebrity mansions get ransacked, that theirs is safe. But crime statistics says otherwise.

In Australia, around 335,700 burglary cases were recorded from 2009 to 2010; while in the United States, approximately 2,103,787 were reported in 2012. How did all these figures add up? Were the burglars just too smart and skilled? Or did the homeowners simply forgot to lock their doors? The former is possible, the latter more likely.

With a few straightforward and inexpensive steps, though, you can protect your family and property from attracting intruders. Here’s how.

Fake it

There are so many electronic, state-of-the-art home security systems available in the market today that the problem of most people isn’t actually about choosing the right system, but rather affording one. However, with our without advanced alarm systems, it’s still possible to deter would-be thieves just by adopting a burglar’s point of view: through trickery. You can put up alarm or security signs in your yard, as though you are obtaining the service, or set up fake security cameras to convince intruders that your home is protected. Chances are they’d find your property less desirable and go after a different one instead.

Be Discreet

A tweet or a picture of your vacation to Paris might seem harmless. But keep in mind that with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and, of course, our good old answering machine, it’s become much easier for criminals to learn about our vacation plans and know when they should pay our homes a visit. Thus, if you don’t want the attention, it’s best not to broadcast your whereabouts to everyone on your social network. It’s also a good idea to ask a trusted friend or a family member to keep checking on your house while you’re away.

Use and upgrade your locks

This is perhaps quite obvious and need not be mentioned. But with various reports stating that some thieves actually enter a home through an open door or window, it seems that homeowners need to be reminded that locks exist for a reason. Install appropriate and sturdy door and window locks and use them always, even if you’re just going for a walk. If you lose the keys to your home, it would be better to have your locks changed immediately.

Remove obstructions

We’ve seen this in movies – an intruder climbs up the gate or wall, the homeowner checks what the noise is about, but sees nothing because the intruder has already hidden in a bush. It may seem quite foolish, but it actually happens in real life. As soon as thieves notice that there are plenty of hiding spots or escape routes in your area, in this case, the bush, they’d be enticed to give your home a try. That’s why it’s recommended to remove obstructions, such as trees and bushes, to easily uncover and expose potential intruders.

Don’t let them walk in through your door


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Will Steam Carpet Cleaners Harm Your Carpet In The Short Or Long Term?

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At first commercial carpet steam cleaners were one of the most popular carpet cleaning devices around. Most carpet cleaning services in Sydney had one of these large steam cleaning machines which was capable of cleaning a large carpet in mere minutes. Most of these machines were able to generate steam ranging from around 150 degrees to 250 degrees and in some cases higher. However, today while these machines are still popular on a commercial scale, smaller more portable units are rising in popularity. Hand held steam cleaners make it very easy for anybody to simply add water to the machine and steam clean their carpets. That said many experts have cited numerous instances where these steam cleaners have damaged a carpet or rug for an array of reasons. In order to understand how damage could occur by the use of a steam cleaner it is first important to understand how these cleaners work.


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Reclaim your House from Pests- Make it your Home

Pubcon-Pest-Control Guy -Austin TX

Buying a House, is one of the most precious investment than an individual makes in their life, since more than offering a mere shelter, this place turns alive with the joining of family members, friends, personalization and thus starts the journey of a lifetime. And how would one feel when this fairyland of theirs gets infested with rats, rodents, termites, bugs, cockroaches or bees- obviously not a feeling that many would want to experience. That is exactly what pests can do to your abode and much worse. What might initially seem like a harmless space encroachment may within a matter of time claim serious damages to property and worse result in serious health issues. And the worst part, if you think, that your place would be the last to get infested, it is better to get a precautionary check done by the pest control services than later cry over spilled milk. Thus, here at Florida Service Expert’s Blog,we would not only list down why hiring a pest control service is the best option for you, but would also guide you on how to choose the right one.


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Choosing Curtains

How am ever supposed to choose a pair of curtains for my living room? Some people are gifted with a fantastic imagination and can envision a new reality with ease. If you have creative ability it is a wonderful thing but I have no artistic talent whatsoever and am utterly incapable of imagining anything unless the reality is right in front of my face!


I need new curtains but having looked at hundreds of options I have singularly failed to find the right ones. I look at the fabrics and I just cannot form any sort of image of what the finished articles will look like in situ and so have been struck by an acute attack of procrastination.

Selling the Dream

I am usually a marketeers dream. The most savvy home furnishing companies don’t simply offer you a display of furniture, they sell you the dream by creating an entire room complete with furniture, cushions, rugs, art, ornaments and, of course, curtains. It is a tactic that works brilliantly with the creatively bankrupt like me. I know I am incapable of creating a brilliant room so if I see one I instantly feel the need to buy everything in it. I already know it all works because there it is right in front of me. I can save hours of agony and many miles in my car by using someone else’s imagination. It gets expensive but hey!


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